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1,英语翻译 要用到括号里的词

英语翻译 要用到括号里的词

英语翻译 要用到括号里的词 试试吧: 5.Is this restaurant's name have sth to do with it's owner's interests? 6.Shortly after the war ended,he went back to his hometown to continue the teaching profession. 7.She looks up to her uncle all the time,because he is a out-standing doctor,and saves a lot of persons lifes. 8.He may not be a good father but sure to be a good soldiers. 1、He has never expressed his dissatisfied air with the boss in this pany. 2、The handboook is full of jargons on how to operate the machine. 3、She has kicked with the poison suessfully and recognized the value of her life. 4、People weren 't aware the seriousness of the pollution in those years. 5、The next meeting will sort out the issue of violence on campus . 1.When she opened the box,she found she was cheated at once. 【或者用下面的as soon as的结构也可以】 She found she was cheated as soon as she opened the box. 当她开启盒子时,她立刻发觉自己被骗了。 2.There is something wrong with my TV set,can you get it fixed? 我的电视机出毛病了,你能修理一下吗 求采纳!谢谢 【俊狼猎英】 求英语翻译啊,要用到括号里的词哦 为你解答。 88、We must do everything we can to bring happiness to those people in trouble. 89、To get rid of the cold, I have tried all kinds of medicine. 90、The government has supplied the people there with lots of food. 91、She prefers to go out with us rather than stay at home. 92、Don't fear that you will make mistakes when you speak English. 93、Is it really necessary for me to attend this meeting? 94、There used to be a post office on the corner of this road. 95、We can hardly see the trees in front of our house because of the thick fog. 96、I will never fet the day when we first met. 97、What is the population of the *** all country? 98、Teachers should be patient with their students. 99、The old man enjoys going for a walk in the park after supper. 100、As we all know, knowledge begins with practice. 英语翻译。。要用括号里的词 1. The virtuous tradition of respecting the old is passed on from generation to generation. 2. The girl waited there until the old lady came. 3. The boy who went to the museum with me yesterday was a clas *** ate of mine/ my clas *** ate. 4. All the criminals are brought to justice at the end of the movie. 有问题百度讯息我。 求英语翻译啊,要用到括号里的词哦,谢谢啊 Who is responsible for the bad damage of the bridge? Because of the warm weather and enough sunlight, the rice this year goes well. So much alike are my brother and I that people usually consider us as in brothers. He said that he had seen your sister o days before. Remember to telephone to tell me the good news. It is none of your business whom we make friends with. I wonder whether they are still in New York now. There will be a test tomorrow, so I will have to go over my lessons today. I am sure that the wounded soldier will e to life in no time. All that the teacher told us sound reasonable. To our joy, our students sent us cards on New Year's Eve. 英语求翻译啊。。。要用到括号里的词哦 50 I can't afford the hotel, neither can my friend. 51 By means of radio and television, we can keep in touch with the people all over the world. 52 We must make up for the lost time. 53 The floor are too dirty so it need sweeping/to be swept. 54 He was sent to the city to find out what was happening there. 55 When crossing the road, an old grandma was knocked down by a truck. 56 The Great Wall is regarded as one of the wonders in the world. 57 Were you watching TV at this time yesterday? 58 Do you mind if I watch TV?/Do you mind my watching TV ? 59 When mom came in, Tom pretended to be doing his homework. 60 You can go out as long as you promise you will e back before eleven. 61 Is this suitcase made of leather or plastic? 62 We all tried to persuade father to quit /s *** oking. 63 It was in the garden that she found the sick kitty. 64 How can you avoid making mistakes when you are so careless? 高中英语翻译(需要用到括号里的词) 1 想到帮助?中文意思怪怪的 He thought of helping those average people exposed to cholera.




中文括号距离较大,例如“()”,英文括号距离较近,例如“()”。 括号一般是指表示文章中的注释部分使用的符号。这种注释是夹在正文中间的夹注。写文章写到某个地方,为了让读者了解得更透彻,有时需要加个注释,或者在运算中要改变运算顺序,也需要用到括号。 注释的性质是多种多样的。但是,小括号内只能对前面的语句进行附加说明,不能引入新的内容。 括号由来: 朱文熊1906年在日本出版的《江苏新字母》的《凡例》把括号称为“括弓”,说“括弓()内作注释”。鲁迅1909年在《域外小说集·略例》中也提到“括弧”。 1919年《请颁行新式标点符号议案》确定的括号形式有()〔〕两种,称为“夹注号”,有用例,无释义。1930年和1933年政府有关文件改称“括弧”。 1951年《标点符号用法》定名为“括号”。1951年以来政府三次颁布的《标点符号用法》都说明括号常用的形式为圆括号(小括号)(),此外还有方括号(中括号)[ ]、六角括号〔〕、大括号(花括号){ }、方头括号【】和二角括号「」以及『』等几种。


括号英文:brackets 1、先把括号里的数字加起来。Add the numbers in brackets first. 2、括号中的价格是年龄在18岁以下的消费者可以享受的特别优惠价。The prices in brackets are special rates for the under 18s 3、在方括号里有我给的注解。My annotations appear in square brackets. 4、括号内的评语是作者的。The comments in brackets are the author's. 5、使用test的另一种方法是把要运算的表达式放在单层方括号([])中。Another way to use the test command is to place the expression to evaluate within single brackets ( []). 6、您可以将section名包含在方括号([])中来开始一个section。You start a section by enclosing the name of the section in square brackets ( []).